Welcome to Our Wedding Website!

If you don't recognize us from the photo, you might be at the wrong place. Just so we're clear, we're Jennifer Roth Duryea and Ryan Duryea and we just got married. Yay!

We're going to keep this site up for a little while longer to supply you with links to things like photos of our wedding, etc. We would like to thank everyone who came to our wedding and made it such a special and unforgettable day for us!

2010-04-23 // Updated Slideshow

We've changed out the photos in our slideshow for our wedding photos

2010-03-31 // Transcript of Ceremony and More Pics

2010-03-30 // Props and Programs and Pics (oh my!)

  • Mad props - NEW PAGE - Added a page listing our vendors since so many people have been asking about them
  • Picture perfect - NEW PAGE - A list of all the online galleries that have our wedding photos
  • Get your programs - NEW PAGE - Click here if you want to download a PDF of our ceremony program

2010-03-17 // And Now They've Closed Some Roads

2010-03-13 // What To Wear?!

2010-02-10 // Some Updates!

First off, we omitted an important detail on our RSVP cards, so click here if you hate cheese

Also, here are some updates to the site you should probably be aware of:

2010-01-07 // Engage!

Our engagement session photos are now in! Hopefully my Javascript Skillz are such that there is a slideshow of them going on at the top of this page.

If you want larger images, I grabbed these photos from Marianne Wilson's (our super-awesome photographer) blog

There is also a huge 200+ photo set if the blog whet your appetite.