Date of Event


The Proposal

Ryan and Jen met their two friends, Elaine and Marc, at their apartment for dinner. Before leaving for the restaurant, Ryan and Marc suddenly remembered they had to fix Elaine's computer at her house since she needed to have a project done by tomorrow morning. So Ryan and Marc left to go do tech support while Elaine and Jen went on to the restaurant for dinner.

At the end of dinner, the maitre 'D came up to Jen and said she had a surprise for her and handed Jen a gift box. Jen opened the box and inside was a photo book Ryan had made with pictures of them dating for the last four years. On the last page, there was a picture of Ryan, in a suit, holding a boom box over his head, with a sign that said "will you marry me?". Jen just started crying! She couldn't believe it! Elaine then told Jen to look outside to the restaurant's parking lot.

Jen found Ryan standing there, wearing his suit, with a boom box over his head, recreating the famous scene in Say Anything, where John Cusack serenaded his girlfriend. The boom box was blaring Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes. Jen ran outside of the restaurant to meet him, where he put the boom box down, got down on his knee, and proposed!

Jen said YES and kissed him :) Everyone went back into the restaurant and the maitre 'D poured champagne for all!

Apparently, Marc was taking pictures from afar as Ryan was proposing. Jen was crying so much, she didn't even notice the camera flashes!