Mad Props

We wanted to acknowledge some of the people who helped make our wedding rock. This list is in no particular order and is by no means comprehensive. We just wanted to point you to a few of our favorite vendors in case you want them for any of your events.

If you'd like to contact any of these people, drop Jen or Ryan an email and we'll put you in touch with them!

Phenomenal Photographer(s)

Marianne Wilson (and Jennifer Harris)

Marianne and Jennifer are awesome to work with and their results are stunning! We could go on and on about how great Marianne is, but her work speaks for itself (a picture is worth a thousand words, yes?). You can check out Marianne's website: The photos from our wedding can be seen here for a limited time! Password is "roth".

Bodacious Baker

Chelise Lewis

Did you like the tiny chocolate dinos in your egg-scort card? Did you LOVE the cupcakes we served at the wedding? Those delicious treats came from the kitchen of our friend Chelise Lewis. Chelise is starting a cupcakery business and we'd highly recommend her if you need some tasty cupcakes for your next event.

Fantastic Florist

Chelsea Moon

We yelped for a good florist for our wedding and found Ms. Moon. Chelsea met with us less than two weeks before the wedding and put together the exquisite bouquets and boutonnieres that you saw at our wedding. She also packed each of the rose petal boxes at our ceremony and surprised us by lining our aisle with rose petals. Chelsea far exceeded our expectations and we can't say enough great things about her! Check her out at

Outstanding Officiant

Reverend Jerry Styner

Reverend Styner went out of his way to respect our beliefs and to incorporate our values into our ceremony. We think the prose he assembled was moving and beautiful and we loved loved loved our ceremony. We are now doubly indebted to Reverend Styner as he not only married us, but also founded Avanta, the company where Jen and Ryan met.

Cool Caterer

The Ranch Catering Company

If you thought the food was tasty, the bar was nicely tended, or the servers were awesome, you can thank The Ranch Catering Company. They have a restaurant in Westlake Village so if you're in the area, or even just passing through, we'd recommend you stop by. The food is delicious!

Distinguished DJ

Tim Martinez

If you shook your groove thang at our reception, you have Tim to thank for laying down the beat. Tim is simply a pro and he handled the entire reception with skill and aplomb. We were in good hands the entire night! You can check Tim out at

Dynamic Dance Instructor

Cynthia Harper

Did you like Jen and Ryan's first dance? Did you think Bob look great dancing with Jen? Did Marie and Ryan look like they were having fun during their dance? We've been attending weekly dance lessons with Cynthia Harper for the last three years. She is an awesome dance instructor and we love her! She teaches weekly lessons at the Encino Community Center and many other places. If you're new or shy about dancing, she's a great teacher to have!

Exceptional Event Coordinators

Courtney Tucker and Melissa Savage

These two ladies are fantastic! We've been working with them over the last year and they are the most responsive, patient, fun people to work with! If you ever end up having an event at the Natural History Museum you'll be fortunate enough to work with these two! They use this site to keep people up to date about the latest events at the NHM

Dandy Day-of Coordinator

Hai Blankinship

Hai served as our day-of coordinator and took care of all the crazy little details to make sure that the reception went smoothly! But she's was far more valuable to us than just that. Hai met with us many times over the 6 months leading up to the wedding and helped us brainstorm ideas for the reception. She helped us come up with the guest book and the egg-scort cards and served as an awesome sounding-board throughout the planning process. Hai kept us organized and on task and did a lot of grueling research for us in the process. If you're looking to plan your next event, we'd recommend getting in touch with Hai. She's a great combination of creative and organized!

Commendable Customer Service

Jocelynn Buria

Our Bodacious Baker, Chelise, mentioned above, put us in contact with Jocelynn who works at the Friar Tux in Northridge. What a great recommendation! Jocelynn is awesome and if you ever need a tux, you should go see her. Jocelynn is efficient, patient, thorough, attentive, informative, organized, and just downright awesome. Bottom line is Jocelynn consistently provided one of the best customer service experiences we've ever encountered.